Factoring for Fleet Owners

Every business can benefit from an influx of extra money. If not, at least a steady cash flow is essential for the healthy growth of a business. Freight factoring is suited for fleet owners who have their money stuck in credit cycles of up to 90 days and would like access to quick cash flow without having to wait for customer payments.

Factoring for Owner Operators

The credit cycle in the trucking business affects cash flow quite severely. Lack of cash affects one’s ability to manage the business, grow it to its potential, and adds to the stress. Factoring can be useful for owner-operators who need to maintain cash flow for their business. Factoring can be a beneficial alternative to traditional bank loans or lines of credit because it provides quick access to cash without incurring additional debt. Overall, factoring can be a valuable tool to manage everyday expenses and maintain a steady cash flow for your business.

Why choose us?

Capital Hart can provide your business with an alternative source of funding that can help improve your financial stability and growth. Additionally, the process of selling your invoices to a factoring company is quicker and easier than applying for a traditional loan.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees and continuous transparent pricing for easy.

No Debt Incurred

Debt-free alternative to traditional loans.

Competitive Rates

Customized factoring programs with industry-leading rates

Quick Funding

Fast and easy funding to improve cash flow management

Improved Creditworthiness

Grow business by being more reputable amongst potential clients

Customer Online Portal

User-friendly online portal to upload invoices and get updates

Reduced Administrative Burden

Less stress means more time to focus on what matters most

Customer Service

A team of accessible customer service representative at your disposal 24/7

Fuel Card Program

Substantial savings on fuel at thousands of locations nationwide

Power your business with instant cash flow

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