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Freight Factoring

Factoring provides upfront cash for outstanding invoices, which can help cover expenses such as fuel, maintenance, and payroll. This is important for trucking companies, as they have to pay for these expenses upfront while waiting for payments from customers. Additionally, it can help companies reduce administrative burden by taking care of invoicing and collections. This can free up time and resources for the company to focus on growing.

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With our years of experience, we provide fast and flexible factoring solutions. Our services allow you to receive an advance on your outstanding invoices, so you don't have to wait for payment from your customers. This provides you with the working capital you need to grow your business and take on new opportunities. Our process is simple and streamlined, so you can receive funding in as little as 24 hours. Additionally, we take care of the invoicing and collection processes, freeing up valuable time and resources.

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We prioritize building and maintaining trust between our clients and agents by consistently delivering on our promises, being transparent in our communication, and taking accountability.


We prioritize ethical decision-making that aligns with our core values and principles to positively impact our clients' lives. This commitment involves upholding the highest standards of integrity and fairness in all our operations.


Capital Hart focuses on always moving forward yet keeping efficiency and productivity in mind. We strive for the success and growth of our clients, without skipping a beat.
Based on 4 reviews
Anthony Molina
Anthony Molina
Excellent factoring company pays on time & is very convenient with sending the paperwork for payment !!!
Grand Trucking Group
Grand Trucking Group
Capital Hart offers reliable factoring solutions with competitive rates. They provide excellent service and pay you on time. Highly recommended!
Matthew Ditty
Matthew Ditty
Great factor. Super fast Payments, easy to use portal, and great rates. Thanks
Mijangostrucking MIJANGOS
Mijangostrucking MIJANGOS
Thank you for always taking the time to answer all my questions and helping us out when we needed it. Anyone who may need a factoring company you’ve come to the right place, Capital Hart should be your go-to.
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